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I know my English is not very good. I also know there is a lot of people who can't read Spanish but can read English instead. So, here is a few lines in English about Superlopez. Please report any error to


"Superlopez is an ordinary and common superhero who has all the powers, superpowers and extrapowers which every Mr. Lopez dreams with as a compensation for his daily frustrations. He's the same Lopez, Gomez, Rodriguez, from the grocery store, from the cigar store, from the office, from the barber's shop... All of us are Superlopez. But... be careful! When we wish to fly quickly across the polluted sky above the city, we must know it's our own imagination which is flying and not us..."

Oye Mira#6, 1981.

Superlopez is a Spanish comic which was born as a parody for Superman and american superheroes although it soon became more to this with an acid critic to society from a surreal humor where the daily situations are pulled to an absurd extreme. Superlopez origin is in 1973, but the first album for the Ole! regular serie of albums is published in 1979. Artist JAN (Juan Lopez Fernandez) is the character's creator but Efepe (Francisco Perez Navarro) wrote the scripts for the first three albums.


In 1973 Superlopez was born. Euredit editorial instructed Juan Lopez Fernandez "JAN" to make a parody for Superman. The character is very similar to later Superlopez but the story was limited to one page gags without words and without color. Along 1974 and 1975 JAN drawed Superlopez for the historic Bruguera editorial following scripts written by other people. They are one page adventures, independent and unimportant.

In 1979 JAN began a new stage for Superlopez which will be the definitive one. Francisco Perez Navarro "Efepe" was the script author for a foolish parody of a kind of shoddy Superman. He is an extraterrestial too, from the planet Chiton. His actual name is Jo-Con-El instead Kal-El. These first SL1 "Adventures of Superlopez" introduce some friends: James Olsen - Jaime Gonzalez, Lois Lane - Luisa Lanas, and enemies like La Increible Maza (The Incredible Pounder), Luz Luminosa (Bright Light) who blinds his enemies using the light which is reflected on his bald head or Chiclon, a huge robot made of chewing gum.

Next two albums are a parody for superhero teams ("Avengers", "Defenders", "Fantastic Four" etc.) Capitan Hispania (Captain Spain), El Bruto (Brute), La Chica Increíble (Wonder Girl), Latas (Tinplate) and El Mago (The Wizard) are a parody for Captain America, The Thing, Wonder Woman, Iron Man and Dr. Strange.

Next year, 1980, there is a new step ahead in Superlopez history. He left the Superteam and JAN is the only author writing the scripts. Album#4, SL4 "The Aliens", opens this new stage in which his "S" changed his look to seem more different to Superman's one due to some legal problems with DC Comics. This is a crazy story with an absurd argument (heaters that are crushed mistaken for space invaders, 3000 fugitive prisoners robbing a bank, a steam space ship...)

Superlopez popularity grew and in 1981 in the "Oye Mira" series published by Bruguera and Belter discographic appears "Comic Superheroes". The song "Superlopez" sung by the child band Regaliz opens the LP.

In 1985 a new comic magazine appeared, Superlopez, which only three numbers were issued. The last adventure of Superlopez for Bruguera was serialized there, SL9 "The Great Superproduction". There was a rest for our hero until 1987. Ediciones B takes the vanished editorial and the new album is called SL10 "To The Center Of The Earth", upon the Jules Verne novel. That year, comic magazine Superlopez was published again from 1987 until February, 1990 and later on comic magazines Yo y Yo and Mortadelo Extra. The new adventures of Superlopez has a better color, more continuity and an instructive desire to show the world (Japan, Bulgary, Mexico...) and a humoristic and critic sight for the current events (violence in soccer and sports, Internet, drugs, game adiction, war...) . In SL8 "Pandora's Box" there was an educational desire trying to explain ancient Mithology.

In 2012 the last album for now is called SL61 "Assault On The Museum". With 61 albums published and 13 compilations, JAN's character hasn't stop flying during the last 39 years.

David Fraile Vieyto, December 1999 - July 2012.


  1. Superlopez (1973)
  2. Adventures Of Superlopez (1979)
  3. The Superteam (1979)
  4. All Against One, One Against All! (1979)
  5. The Aliens (1980)
  6. Lord Of The Dummies (1980)
  7. The Longest Week... (1981)
  8. The Cubeheads (1982)
  9. Pandora's Box (1983)
  10. The Great Superproduction (1984)
  11. To The Center Of The Earth (1987)
  12. Cachabolik Blues Rock (1988) and
    The Ghost Of Museo Del Prado (1988)
  13. One-eyed Person Is the King in Gameland... (1988)
  14. Superlopez Genesis (1973-75)
  15. Robot's Wonder (1986?) and
    Once Upon A Time, In A City... (1984)
  16. The Frightening, Strange, Terrifying Story Of The Petisos Carambanales (1987?) and
    Petisoperies (1989)
  17. Camprodon's Piglets (1989)
  18. Bulgarian Trip (1989) and
    The Treasure Of Count Arnau (1989)
  19. The Messy Hair Dragon Gang (Yakuza) (1989) and
    The Bomb (1990)
  20. Hotel Panic (1990) and
    The Thing From The Swamp, The Flutist From Hammelin And Other Stuff (1991)
  21. A Camel Got A Tramcar At Grenoble And The Tramcar Is Biting His Leg (1991)
  22. The Treasure Of The Ciuacoatl (1991)
  23. The Ozone Thieves (1992)
  24. The Sand Castle (1992)
  25. There Is Always An Adventure Around The Corner (1993)
  26. Tyrannosaurus Sect (1994?)
  27. Superlopez Twins (1995?)
  28. Time Street (1995)
  29. The Hell (1996)
  30. Superlopez Twins: Let's Go To See Elephants... (1996)
  31. The Cybernauts (1997)
  32. The Supercrack (1997)
  33. King Soplomon's Mines (1998)
  34. 25 Years Of Superlopez (1973-98)
  35. Lady Spider Again (1999)
  36. Lady Spider's War (1999)
  37. Bye, Bye, Lady Spider (2000)
  38. The Bit God (2001)
  39. The Ghost House (2001)
  40. We, The Papinos (2002)
  41. The Big "Botellón" (2002)
  42. The Courtyard At Your Home Is Particular (2003)
  43. Monster "Chapapote" (2003)
  44. The Flying Mountains (2004)
  45. Behind The Curtain... (2004)
  46. Scream, Scream you, Damned (2004)
  47. The Yellow House (2005)
  48. Death Exhibition (2006)
  49. Hamelin Polytone (2006)
  50. Big Mortgage Loan (2007)
  51. I Was Walking... (2007)
  52. Raiders Of The Lost Temple... (2008)
  53. The Proparoxytone Compass (2008)
  54. You, Robot... (2008)
  55. The Inexistent Library (2009)
  56. Full Crisis Ahead! (2009)
  57. Frankenstein Virus (2010)
  58. The World Next Door (2010)
  59. Elections In Kaxim (2010)
  60. The King Bumblebee (2011)
  61. Murder On The Toral Express (2011)
  62. Assault On The Museum (2012)

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